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shiva_42 02-20-2004 02:55 PM

nvidia Geforce MX w/ SuSe 9.0 (KDE)
I have installed and successfully configured the nvidia d/l driver for my Geforce MX card. Couple of questions:

1) Unless I set the XF86Config option of "NvAGP" to "0", I have stability problems with this card. Does disabling the AGP support actually disable the 3D support, and if not, what exactly IS it disabling specifically.

2) Is there a better card for my environment (AMD Athlon, 256Meg Ram, SuSe 9.0 pro with built-in KDE than the Geforce MX card I'm using now? ( I don't mean - a card you would personally prefer due to resolution, or feature benefits, but rather - a card that should be more stable, reliable, or compatible).

I've read many of the posts regarding these issues, and understand most of the technical discussions, but aside from the "nvidia vs. ATI" arguments, I'm not seeing any constructive advice, only personal preferences.

Thanks for any advice! :Pengy:

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