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Belindasam 11-22-2004 02:53 PM

NVIDIA GeForce FX TwinView + Proxima Projectors
Booting a Dell box (Optiplex GX270) with Red Hat ES 2.1 and nVidia GeForce FX TwinView video card with 2 Proxima Ultralight x350 projectors as the displays. When booted with the projectors connected, the system does not recognize the projectors and only provides a display on the primary projector.

When booted with monitors connected, the system recognizes the devices and provides the desired 2 screen logical display (1 screen across 2 monitors). When booted this way and then plug in the projectors, the display is correct.

Tried the yanc utility, but the TwinView options were grayed out.

Any suggestions?

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