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feeblebrain 04-07-2013 05:52 PM

NVIDIA GeForce 210 fan not recognized

GPU: EVGA GeForce 210 DDR3 1024MB,

...on Debian stable, XFCE.

Current driver (proprietary): NVIDIA-Linux-x86_64-310.44

The GPU fan is not recognized at all. I have tried a couple of things to manually control the fan. Coolbits 4 does not work in xorg (ie, no "slider" appears in the NVidia settings GUI). Attempting to control the fan through nvidia-settings CL with anything like...


nvidia-settings -a [gpu:0]/GPUFanControlState=1 -a [fan:0]/GPUCurrentFanSpeed=80
...produces this...


ERROR: Invalid Fan 0 specified in assignment '[fan:0]/GPUCurrentFanSpeed=80'
      (there are only 0 Fans on this Display).

So, please, what do I do to get the fan detected on this GPU?

My thanks in advance!

tuxboom747 05-01-2013 03:03 PM

Acording to the version
310.x is in beta state as the version =>304.32 is.

Running Debian wheezy with nvidia-glx (version 304.88-1) package installed there's no slider on the nvidia-settings panel at all, but your command gives no error.

So said the command

nvidia-settings -q fans
Hopefully this results in fun ...

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