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eantoranz 10-19-2007 10:20 AM

No sound output for my program (IEC958)
I'm creating a sound application with java.

All I want to do (so far) is hear a sine wave of 440 Htz.

I have already coded the part to get the "line", but when I send it the buffer with the PCM data of the wave, I don't hear a single beep. I'm starting to guess the problem is the setup of the volumes for my card.

My program says it's using this mixer: ICH5 [plughw:0,4]: Direct Audio Device: Intel ICH5, Intel ICH - IEC958, Intel ICH5 - IEC958

I have already set the volume in kmix so that 'IEC958 Playbak AC97 SPSA' is at 100%, however it doesn't have the "led" that I can click to activate/deactivate it. What could I be missing?

eantoranz 10-19-2007 03:07 PM

I just changed it a bit so that the output is sent to the standard output so that I could stream it to aplay... and it works.. that means my calculations are correct.... but for some reason can't listen to the data I'm sending through the line. I suspect it's the volume... but how could I make sure?

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