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breakolami 05-28-2004 08:59 AM

No sound on Asus A7V600 motherboard

I have Asus A7V600 with integated soundcard

I have no sound on Mandrake 10
I try each driver in mandrake control panel but not successfull

everything is working fine except the audio card
I'm almost a newbie of linux... can anyone help me?

I don't have any sound playng... nothing else

I try to find drivers on but nothing found

Thank you

(sorry my english is not very good)

flonejek 05-28-2004 09:22 AM

Firstly check the bios (press del lots traight after your computer boots, and under advanced there should be an option to enable/disable your integrated soundcard). As for the drivers, its best that you recompile your kernel with the right drivers. This is kinda tricky for a noob but not that hard. I found the soundcard for your motherboard, its a ADI AD1980 SoundMAX 6-channel CODEC with a S/PDIF out interface. After a bit more searching I discovered it uses the AC'97 chipset. The alsa driver for this is called intel8x0.

To wrok out how to install this I suggest you read the gentoo alsa guide, and the gentoo kernel compile guide (start at the default: manual configuration section).

Links: - kernel compile guide - gentoo alsa guide

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