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emek311 07-15-2004 09:10 PM

newbi needs help
I am building a new comp and i am looking for a motherboard, either an nforce2 ultra 400 or a kt880, with the least problems when it comes to the compatabiliity. It would help alot. Oh. Im gonna be running suse 9.1.

TheOneAndOnlySM 07-15-2004 09:51 PM

hmmm, motherboards themselves are usually not problems, especially if dealing with chipsets

no matter which you choose, you are either likely to do a kernel recompile, or have modules ready to be used at your disposal

the nforce2 seems pretty well supported (feature-wise) though i do see a lot of threads at LQ for help with them... kt880 chipset itself doesn't look bad, and it really may depend on the manufacturer that determines whether or not you should take it

sorry i'm ambiguous... i don't really want to make a firm decision with something I haven't tried myself

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