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mustking 04-11-2013 09:51 PM

New Asus N75SF notebook battery wear question
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:)ciao a tutti...ho un Asus N75SF che mi arrivato luned, e inizio ad avere qualche dubbio sulla batteria....
in sostanza, ma possibile che dopo solo 4 giorni che ho il pc e dopo aver ricaricato la batteria Asus N75SF solo 3 o 4 volte, Battery Care mi riporti un'usura del 4% circa?!
ho installato questo programma perch ho notato che HWmonitor (che uso per le temperature) riporta una Full Charge Capacity che scende ogni giorni di pi (ora a 5200mAh) rispetto alla Designed Capacity (62160 mWh)...
come possibile?! normale o c' qualche problema??
Mod Translation via Google Translate: :) Hello everyone ... I have a Asus N75SF I arrived on Monday, and I start to have doubts about the battery ....
in substance, but it is possible that after only 4 days that I have a pc and after charging the [URL = ""] battery Asus N75SF [/ URL] only 3 or 4 times, Battery Care wear me back about 4%!
I installed this program because I have noticed that HWMonitor (which I use for temperature) shows a Full Charge Capacity that drops each day more (time in 5200mAh) than the Designed Capacity (62,160 MWh) ...
as you can! normal or is there a problem?
thank you ....

Pearlseattle 04-22-2013 02:43 PM

It might go down to 80% of the original/designed capacity, which is "normal". If it becomes weaker than that then you might have a problem.

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