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wujiatongsir 12-30-2012 07:35 AM

Need help with graphics on Intel D2500 CPU/GPU
help me
look at the picture!
I install archlinux on my computer .(cpu:intel d2500 )

the question is

show only a part of my 19-inch monitor. the remaining part is black,no use.

kareempharmacist 12-31-2012 04:20 AM

which version of Arch Linux?
are new a newbie to Linux?
if yes.. Arch Linux is not for beginners .it is for advanced user.
your problem may be due to a driver issue.and it will be solved if you installed the right driver or adjusted some settings.
try pressing these buttons together Alt+Ctrl+F1 at the same time. and see what happens .
do you have an internet connection on this computer ?
is it a laptop or PC?

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