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LordOfer 05-22-2005 12:59 PM

My Kingdom for a Wireless connection
Please throw the true in my face, is there any leaving man on earth who managed to serf the internet with wireless connection (Wifi) under linux?
:Pengy: :Pengy: :Pengy:

rarsa 05-22-2005 01:14 PM

Please be more specific
My question is:

Is there anybody that hasn't?

Could you be more specific about your question? Are you having problems setting it up? or you just don't know where to start from.

Wireless is well supported on all distributions I have used. Of course you need to use the appropriate drivers and install the appropriate wireless-tools but other than that it works like a charm. (OK full disclosure, I have only used two different wireless cards ralink 2500 and a linksys. BUT it has worked every time)

so, please elaborate on your question and people will be able to help you.

Half_Elf 05-22-2005 01:33 PM

Of course some people did (I did). But you have to choose the correct card and to be somehow guru :D

LordOfer 05-22-2005 01:54 PM

well... I am a newbi
I have a 3 COM wireless OfficeConnect 11g USB adapter (One of the most popular cards I think). The company itself doesn't provide any kind of support for Linux :( I googled it up and the only thing that was somehow close to what I needed was in and it costs money, and the trial didn't work anyway :newbie:
Am I missing something here? I saw a Linux Wireless HOWTO (That I doubt if Linus himself would have understand) , and only the length of the thing took all my desire to serf the net :p I am using Fedora Core 2.
Can anyone help me, or is this just one of those things you need to read a BIG Linux guide 3 times to udertstand?

leadazide 05-22-2005 02:15 PM

There's a tool named ndiswrapper ( which loads Windows XP drivers. So if you fail to find native linux drivers, try this with native window$ drivers.

rarsa 05-22-2005 09:09 PM

You may want to check this
You may want to check my explanation about using ndiswrapper. I don't know if it applies to your card but it's worth giving it a try:

Here it is

Let us know if it works with your card.

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