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UltraSoul 05-11-2008 09:02 PM

Multiple Luns on RHEL4
Hi, I have HP685 installed with RHEL4 connecting MSA1000 storage.
I want to increase multiple luns on the external MSA1000. Then, I used HP ACU GUI tools to create three Luns and use hprescan command to locate these new luns. However, OS can recognize these new luns as sda, sdb, sdc. But when I fdisk /dev/sd*(abc), I was told that "unable to open /dev/sd*".
Problem persistent even after I reboot OS. I did not reboot MSA1000 storage because it is also used by others. I got these luns back to one Lun as original status, eveything is fine.

So I am not sure whether I hit the following RHEL articles.

Or others need attention.

PLs help, Thank you.

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