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qwijibow 09-06-2006 07:45 AM

MTD - Accessing Video Memory.
Hey Guys, Im tryng to access the video memory on a spare Pci Graphics Card as a Block Device.
(the Graphics card im using for display is a seperate AGP card)

lspci -vvv finds the graphics card, and gives me the physical memory address, however, the only how-to's on how to access this as a block device via MTD referes to kernel 2.4.

mtd in kernel 2.6 is completely differant.

I have compiled as modules in the kernel all the MTD modules requires for accessing Ram
( the kernel menuconfig help screen indicates which modules are needed for accessing video memory)

however i have no diea how to configure mtd to do so.

the MTD homepage has zero documentation on anything other than booting embedded linux from flash memory.

Any nudges in the correct direction would be great !

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