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kuplo 11-07-2005 03:29 AM

Mouse wont work with mandrake 10.1
I've downloaded the dvd and installed it (Mandrake 10.1).
During setup, I can use a ps2 mouse thats plugged into the ps2 port, or a usb moue thats plugged into a usb port, but once the system boots into mandrake, there is a mouse cursor on the screen, but none of the mouses hooked up will move it. What do I do to fix this please?


P.S this is on a dedicated linux box not a laptop.

I can boot by using the tab key to get into linux kde, but once inside the mouse wont move, it just sits in the middle of my screen.

Plus, I've got 3 mice, I've got two microsoft optical 2 button wheel mice, and an old compact ps2 wheel 2 button ball mouse all hooked up to try and get one of htem to work, but none of them work once linux boots up.

sekelsenmat 11-07-2005 03:53 AM

You need to go to Mandrake Control Center (MCC) and reconfigure your mouse.

You can try to do this navigating the desktop with Tab, but that can be really hard. MCC is on: K Menu >> System >> Configuration >> COnfigure your compuer

Another option is to use MCC on the command line.

After your linux is booted and on the desktop hit CTRL+ALT+F2. This will take you to console number 2.

login as root

Type "mcc" without the quotes

Now you can follow the menus and reconfigure your mouse. You can go back to the desktop with CTRL+ALT+F7

If the mouse still does not work on the desktop after reconfiguring try killing the X with CTRL+ALT+BACKSPACE, maybe this will bring the X back up with the mouse works

I wish you lucky,

kuplo 11-07-2005 06:11 AM

Thank you, Oddly enough I finally managed it, it was under PS2 +Other as Microsoft Explorer. Works a charm now, and I've learned something totally new about the whole second console and what not.

Thanks again.

sekelsenmat 11-07-2005 06:18 AM

I am happy I could help =)

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