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edmond78 05-03-2002 09:57 AM

Mouse problem with Linksys 2port KVM Switch.
My mouse just stuck at the top right had corner of the screen whenever I use the KVM switch but it ok when I connect direct on my Red Hat7.2 system. Any advise for me. Thanks.

steved123 05-14-2002 06:50 PM

I use 2 mice because of this. Also had the same situation with nt 4.0
For some reason that I don't know spme os's don't like having their mice disconnected. I suspect that it is because these os's don't use the system bios except to find the boot sector on the hard drive.

TheDarkSide 08-20-2002 01:04 PM

I have a Linksys 2-port KVM switch with Red Hat 7.3 and Win 98. The Win 98 works fine but the mouse pointer for the Linux side does not move beyond the middle of the screen. If I connect the mouse to the Linux machine it is ok. Also, two Windows machines work fine on the switch so the problem must be in the Linux configuration. Any ideas?

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