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mope 03-16-2003 12:21 AM

mouse/nic stop working in xfree
I just got my new motherboard (abit nf7-s) and processor (xp 2100+) and reinstalled gentoo on it. I am using gaming-sources kernel because I heard it has support for nvidia's nforce2 chipset. I am using the built in nic with the drivers from net-misc/nforce-net (module nvnet). I have xfree 4.2.1 and am currently compiling xfree 4.3 and kde 3.1.
If I startx then I get my screen and my mouse is working fine (logitech mx700, usb, w/ usb-ohci module) along with the nic. After about five minutes (I think it's when I start to emerge something so possibly when the nic starts being used) the mouse locks and so does the nic. Once I back out of x I can modprobe -r usb-ohci and nvnet, then reload them, then setup my network card again and things are working. It seems like I'm having an irq conflict. I checked the logs and didn't see anything mentioned (I looked in XFree86.*.log and a couple of other ones). Where can I find out how to resolve this issue? (I also have apic support compiled in my kernel; my bios lists apic support and my last mb/proc didn't have a problem, but I'm wondering if this might be related).

edit: odd, it doesn't seem to have the problem in kde (only window maker and x [eg, startx] and a couple of others)

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