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jabulani_jonny 05-05-2006 01:25 PM

Mouse gestures not seen in xev, volume not controlling PCM
Hey guys,
First and foremost I'm a new Suse 10 user and I've been researching my specific problems for the last week. I've read every major post I can find by googling, as well as using the search functions on this board, & I've tried everything that I've come across and seems to boil down to one thing, as far as the mouse goes. The gestures for my tilt/scroll wheel and side buttons are not recognized by xev, or when I run showkey -s in runlevel 3.

1. I have a M$ Intellimouse Explorer for Bluetooth. It is a wireless mouse that I connect using the USB dongle.

I've tried selecting different mice, either PS/2 or USB Mouse in SaX2, with no luck.

Again, the issue is that the gestures are not being picked up for some reason so no matter what tweaks I make to xorg.conf, or XF86, or xmodmap, or whatever I put in my `/Autostart folder, it doesn't get recognized.

So...what can I run to capture the keycodes for these different gestures? Again, I've gone through a butt load of links in 5 days so if you post a link, chances are I've seen it.

2. My volume buttons on the front of my laptop, Dell 9300 are captured and control the master volume in KMix. However, The PCM slider is not controlled and for some reason it ignores what the master is set at. It seems that my subwoofer is hooked to the PCM control. So, when I mute or change the volume of my master slider, it changes my front speakers, but not the PCM. So even when I have the master muted, I get sound from my subwoofer. If I cut the switch off for PCM in KMix I get no sound, but then it's not controlled by my media buttons. My soundcard is the AC57 and is accurately recognized by Suse and KMix.

I'm loving Suse, but I'm really missing some of this functionality.

Thanks a ton for anyone that can help me sort out this quandry.


Linux.tar.gz 05-07-2006 10:01 PM

1- Try some:
cat /dev/input/mice
cat /dev/input/mouse0
cat /dev/input/mouse1
...and move the mouse.

2- Dirty answer: Use xbindkey to associate volume keys with another volume fonction. I don't have this card so you'll have to tweak this example of extract of xbindkeys config file (1st line right and left channel raise volume, 2nd line decrease):

(xbindkey '("c:176") "amixer set DAC 10+& amixer set DAC,1 10+&")
(xbindkey '("c:174") "amixer set DAC 10-& amixer set DAC,1 10-&")

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