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snailophone 08-12-2003 10:31 AM

Mounting HDD vs. Mounting Filesystem
I have a storage several sortage HDD's but I will just ask about one and hope I can generalize the response I get for more drives.

I want to mount my new HDD (which is FAT 32) in RedHat8 and I used the commands:

mount /dev/hdb /mnt/hdb

at the command line. The response I get is that I need to mount the filesystem. So I went into fstab and added this drive to the file, hoping it would mount it on startup. I doesn't. How do I do this. It mounts my floppy and CDROMs automaticslly. I was messing with it all afternoon yesterday. Thanks.

acid_kewpie 08-12-2003 10:41 AM

that's the hard disk block device, not a filesystem. if it's only a single parition, mount /dev/hdb1 instead, which will be the actual partition

snailophone 08-12-2003 10:44 AM

So how do I edit my fstab to do this every time I boot up? Thanks!

acid_kewpie 08-12-2003 10:52 AM


/dev/hdb1 /mnt/hdb vfat defaults 0 0

snailophone 08-12-2003 11:00 AM

Cool, I'll give it a try. Thanks.

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