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linux_2007_ 12-24-2007 05:23 AM

Mounting External USB Hard Disk
I have recently got an external USB hard drive and connected it to the USB port of my computer which its operating system is Linux SuSE. The first time that I connected it, a window popped up (like in Windows XP) and I could simply drag and drop the files I wanted to. I didnít touch the setup at all. The location of this external HDD was in /media/. The day after, I turned on the computer and the hard drive too, but no window popped up and there was no sign of it in /media/. DO you know what might have happened? And, how can I fix it?

I have played with cables and connections, no success, it has to be a setup or moounting issue.

Appreciate any advice as I really need it.

ronlau9 12-24-2007 07:24 AM

Mounting External USB hard disk
I us suse 9.3 and USB hard drive too
The first time I us the drive a pup upp screen came with the message new hardware detected "Do jou wish to configure it"
The answer is "YES" After that he automatically regonize the external drive.
TRy to startup the suse hardware watcher.
If no succes reboot the system without usb drive
Reboot it again with the usb hard plug in and see what happens

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