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yuun 07-15-2004 07:49 PM

mono sound on suse 9.1

I've just installed suse linux 9.1, and switching between windows and suse, I get mono sound only (right speaker) on suse. Windows provides stereo sound.

My sound driver is Compaq ESS Allegro, I think.

Thanks in advance


kevinatkins 07-15-2004 08:06 PM


i had something similar to this with suse 9.0 after i upgraded to KDE 3.2. sound only coming from one speaker; playing with volumes in the mixer restored sound to both speakers but upon system boot, i'd be back in the same situation...

anyway, i reconfigured my sound system in KDE control center and all has been well since - but i have to admit that i can't remember precisely what i did, sorry!

yuun 07-15-2004 10:17 PM

Thanks for the reply

I've just noticed this problem is inconsistent, and sometimes after reboot, it works, and sometimes it doesn't. Playing around with sound mixer doesn't help (if I move all the sound to left speaker, it goes silent), and I'm not too good with the control panel. If any other solutions are out there, I'd appreciate them, Thanks.

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