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DARKGuy 06-27-2005 04:45 AM

Monitors , linux and interlaced refresh rate, I'm confused
Greetings! :D

I've been testing Knoppix for a while but I think it's also a general Linux-related question 'cause it's related to xFree86. Now, I wonder...

My monitor is a Multilite, black and white (yea, don't ask -_-) which, to my experience, supports the following screen modes in a Windows platform:

640x480 - 60Hz
800x600 - 43Hz Interlaced
1024x768 - 43Hz Interlaced

No more. I can work with them wonderfully, now, I get in touch with Knoppix, and after, like, six restarts I get a nice video mode I can work on, but I'm scared that I might damage my monitor.

I'm using at the moment a 50-90 vertical sync on a 87Hz monitor according to xFree in the "expert" mode, according to it, it tells me to select 87Hz instead of 43Hz, but isn't that damaging my monitor? or in Linux it's 87Hz instead of in Windows being 43Hz? I'm kinda confused here and don't know really if I'm using the same mode or if I'm damaging my monitor, it's the only one I have left so... :/

If any of you could help me it would be awesome. Thanks you all :)

oneandoneis2 06-27-2005 04:57 AM

Most modern monitors have safety cutouts that won't allow you to damage them by using the wrong rates

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