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entm 06-14-2002 06:13 PM

Monitor has turned shades of pink?? Help HW gurus
I came home from work today and flipped on my computer. When it booted up the monitor was displaying everything in sickly shades of green and pink. I also seem to have lost sound.

So...what do I need?

New motherboard?

New monitor?

Graphics card has choked?

What is the root problem here?


DavidPhillips 06-14-2002 06:21 PM

hard to believe the sound is related.

I have one that goes a funky color, to fix it I bend the cable just right by the connector, the cable is bad on it.

entm 06-14-2002 06:54 PM

I used the Degause feature on the monitor and fixed it. I think I've hit that selection 3 times in 5 years. I screwed up the sound in my panic at seeing the weirdness of my monitor.

Everything is as it should be in my little corner of the world.


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