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Tape 09-07-2013 05:50 AM

Monitor calibration (HP L2465)
Hi all,

A friend of mine uses SUSE and he'd like to calibrate his monitor for his photography and video hobby. He asked my help since I own a Spyder4Elite.

I am not that familiar with Linux, so I'd like to ask some advice. I currently see 3 options and I'd like to have your input on what to do.

1. The Spyder4Elite does not come with Linux software. I could calibrate his monitor on my Macintosh and import the created ICC profile on his Linux machine. As far as I know, this is possible. Would this be a valid option, or are ICC's not cross platform compatible?

2. I could use ArgyllCMS and use this tutorial as a guide. Since I have never used Linux, I could see a lot of things going wrong using this option. Do you think this is doable for a Linux newbie, or should I just not attempt it?

3. We could purchase ColorHUG. This natively runs on Linux and seems to be a valid option. Does anyone have any experience using this piece of hardware? Again, is it doable for a novice?

The ColorHUG website says the following.


If you are not running Fedora 16 or Ubuntu you may need to compile and build the client tools tarball.
The client tools are required if you want to test or flash new firmware on your ColorHug.
Again, is this doable for a novice?

Thank you very much in advance!

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