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Ha1f 07-06-2005 01:04 PM

mini screen
ok, i have no idea what happened, but the screen on my laptop is displaying everything in a small box right in the middle with about a 3 margin from teh edge of teh actual monitor. my bootmanager and my command console are like this, but when i start x the screen is full sized again...

dont know whats wrong but its kind of annoying...any idea on how i could fix it?

Half_Elf 07-06-2005 02:27 PM

your "text mode" is using a resolution not natively supported by your laptop LCD, so the screen show it this way. Have you updated the kernel recently or changed some boot option?
You could fix it setting the correct resolution as vga option in your boot loader configuration. As example, if you would like to use "1024x768" and that your boot loader is lilo, you would need to add the line "vga=791" (and then to type "lilo" to write it back to MBR).

Alternatively, you could also search in your BIOS, some laptop have a "stretch" option, mean it "ajust" the resolution so it fills all the screen. It gives horrible fonts but if this only happens in text mode I don't think it would matter (and it's easier than messing with boot loader).

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