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grandprix104 12-20-2007 10:35 PM

Microtouch serial screen driver is not working on RedHat 9
OK heres the problem.

I am setting up a old Emachine (500 Mhz w/ 128 MB RAM) with a LAMP set up on RedHat 9 so I can resume learning PHP. I have a keyboard but no mouse to hook to it. I do have a MicroTouch (3m) 15" CRT monitor that has been kicking around my closet for a couple years. I downloaded the RH9 RPM driver from 3m and installed it on my machine. It might be working. Sometimes if I touch the screen the pointer will jump to some non-relavent position. I thought this would be a calibration issue so I opened the TWCalib utility. The first time it opened but at that point the screen would not respond. After restarting the pointer sometimes moves but is erratic. Now when I run TWCalib it says the device could not be opened. I uninstalled and reinstalled per the directions and still have the same problems. I have messed with the Mouse pointer utilities and selected various manufacturers some work others don't but nothing says 3m or Microtouch on it.

Thank you for the help.

grandprix104 12-20-2007 10:43 PM

In addition this touchscreen has a serial connection. Also a new development. THe machine will freeze if you touch the screen at logon. no keyboard response.

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