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linuxmandrake 11-08-2005 11:06 AM

Microphone not working with oss
pcm <both/leftvol>[:<rightvol>] (currently 48:48)
pcm.rec ON|OFF (currently OFF)
ext.frontvol <both/leftvol>[:<rightvol>] (currently 48:48) <both/leftvol>[:<rightvol>] (currently 48:48)
ext.surroundvol <both/leftvol>[:<rightvol>] (currently 48:48)
ext.spread ON|OFF (currently OFF)
ext.loopback ON|OFF (currently OFF)
ext.recordvol <monovol> (currently 150)
ext.recordsrc <MIC|LINE> (currently MIC)

That is from my ossmixer. I plugged in my mic into my sound cards' in jack which serves as line in and mic. I cant hear myself or record my voice. Yet I can hear sound. Also when I try switching the pcm.rec on it refuses to switch on. Please dont say "switch to alsa" as I dont like it oss is much easier to use.

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