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mkisow 04-26-2009 11:35 AM

Memory Stick Card Reader, Debian "Lenny" FAILURE!
I am using Debian "Lenny" on a Sony Vaio VGN-TZ195N in my quest for 100% compatibility I have taken on the "Memory Stick" reader. Googling revealed many posts about a USB "Memory Stick" reader but I am not so lucky, as shown below...

lspci | grep -i ricoh
09:04.0 CardBus bridge: Ricoh Co Ltd RL5c476 II (rev ba)
09:04.1 FireWire (IEEE 1394): Ricoh Co Ltd R5C832 IEEE 1394 Controller (rev 04)
09:04.3 System peripheral: Ricoh Co Ltd R5C843 MMC Host Controller (rev ff)
09:04.4 System peripheral: Ricoh Co Ltd R5C592 Memory Stick Bus Host Adapter (rev 11)

No... I have a PCI memory stick reader. After reading this post Ricoh memory card reader in Ubuntu I downloaded and installed the EXPERIMENTAL module found on source forge. It is loaded and installed as shown below...

lsmod | egrep -i 'ricoh|sdhci|mmc'
mmc_core 39388 1 tifm_sd
ricoh_mmc 3616 0

Now unless I am looking for the WRONG block device... What the hell am I doing wrong?

/dev/hda1: UUID="4b8cca9d-62d9-4608-8285-0cbd905cb5cd" TYPE="ext3"
/dev/hda3: TYPE="swap" UUID="f978ab4a-c5ea-4273-8e7c-4c6131c5d737"

ls /dev/mm* /dev/sd[b-z]
ls: cannot access /dev/mm*: No such file or directory
ls: cannot access /dev/sd[b-z]: No such file or directory

kilgoretrout 04-26-2009 11:48 AM

Run as root with a memory stick inserted:

# fdisk -l


# cat /proc/partitions

See if the device is picked up in either output.

mkisow 04-26-2009 06:42 PM

cat /proc/partitions
major minor #blocks name

3 0 46989312 hda
3 1 40829166 hda1
3 2 1 hda2
3 3 4192965 hda3
3 5 1959898 hda5

fdisk -l

Disk /dev/hda: 48.1 GB, 48117055488 bytes
255 heads, 63 sectors/track, 5849 cylinders
Units = cylinders of 16065 * 512 = 8225280 bytes
Disk identifier: 0x1d92f849

Device Boot Start End Blocks Id System
/dev/hda1 * 1 5083 40829166 83 Linux
/dev/hda2 5606 5849 1959930 5 Extended
/dev/hda3 5084 5605 4192965 82 Linux swap / Solaris
/dev/hda5 5606 5849 1959898+ 82 Linux swap / Solaris

I looked at this output as well and sorry to say it is not mounting...

kilgoretrout 04-26-2009 10:11 PM

Those commands should list the device whether it's mounted or not. Since you get nothing, that would mean your device is not being detected which would point to a problem with your driver module. You can try inserting a memory stick and then run:

$ dmesg | tail

to see if the kernel is reacting in any way to having a memory stick inserted. The output may give some clue as to what is going on.

mkisow 04-27-2009 09:07 AM

Yeah, I have done that too. It's definitely NOT being detected... Ricoh is not making any drivers for this unfortunately and this is a PCI device not USB. Now I think this issue is supposed to be resolved in the 2.6.27 kernel do you know of anything on this or am I stuck with using an external card reader?

kilgoretrout 04-27-2009 09:48 AM

I can't tell you what's been addressed in the most recent kernel releases but if you want to try a newer kernel, a lot of distros will be releasing within the next month and they all will most likely have a 2.6.28 or 2.6.29 kernel. Ubuntu just released 9.04 with a 2.6.28 kernel. You can try that in livecd mode and see how it handles your device. If it works, you can see about updating to a newer kernel from within debian.

mkisow 04-27-2009 10:15 AM

Thats good, hopefully Debian will be one of them... Thanks for your help, I'll post back once that update occurs.

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