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Micik 03-17-2013 02:13 AM

mce: Hardware error problem
Hello to all,

I have HP 4530s notebook and recently I installed open suse 12.3. I have dual boot with windows 7
I have very strange problem, after approximately 20-30 mins of working on linux machine I'm switched back to console mode with the list of mce Hardware errors something like:
mce Hardware error Processor 2 exception,.... Clot 0 ACPI...some addresses
with last line kernel panic and message that my comp will reboot after 30 sec and it happens almost every time.

I have tried hirens boot 15.2 with memtest86 and HDD diagnost tools but it seems that both of them are fine. I have using external notebook cooling fan so temperature is not a problem (around 45-50 for motherboard and CPU).

Is there some other diagnostic tool to be sure if this is real hardware problem?

Thank you.

ukiuki 03-17-2013 04:31 AM

More info on the problem would help, any error messages or logs related to the problem will tell us what the source is, what programs were you running when it happened?


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