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Crazy Banana 11-23-2002 05:24 AM

Maybe on the wrong forum...
Hello everyone, I have a question that I think is hardware suitable, but not sure of it.
I have many pieces of hardware and like to build a MP3 player for my car.
I found many sites talking about it, but I have a special idea in mind, and didn't find anything about it yet.
Here is my idea : I would like to use my Palm Vx to control the system.
So here is the question, is there any solution being able to use a Palm Pilot as input.
If someone have already done it, that would be perfect. Or if I can have intersting links, it would be great too.

bubba169 11-23-2002 08:25 AM

Hey Crazy Banana it sounds like a cool idea I don't know how you would get the palm to work though. I also want to build a MP3 player for the house and I'm kinda leaning towards building an LCD display and mounting it in one of the front drive slots. I've found several links to building aLCD display but the next problem is controling it I considered getting a wireless keyboard & mouse but I found this thing called IRMAN but I don't know how it all is going to work yet. I've read all kinds of ideas on the net but haven't heard of yours yet. I guess the steo woyld be to hardwire the palm to the PC I guess the docking station would work for that now to get the palm to understand the PC and vise versa you'll most likely have to write a program for that task I don't know of any. It's worth a shot and it would be a cool MP3 player (really have bragging rights) Good Luck


Crazy Banana 11-24-2002 05:40 AM

Well I guess I'm the first to have this crazy idea... and that the only solution left is to write the soft by my own. If only I wasn't the lamest coder on earth !
But I think I will try to use existing projects and modify them.
Cajun for exemple would be a good base, but I don't know if it's open source. The soft for the palm wouldn't be too difficult, I think. It should read data from the docking station (only text) and display it. And on the other side, touching screen buttons should send command to the computer. I guess that as you can use your keyboard to input the Palm when it is in its docking station, it should be possible. I guess I should search a library for I/O for Palm...

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