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corwax 12-05-2003 01:24 PM

Matrox Parhelia-drivers petition
All Matrox Parhelia (P650, P750) owners, listen up!

We are all disappointed of the recent Matrox beta drivers for these cards. For all of those who would like to see better drivers (with Xv and DPMS), I suggest that you sign this petition.

We've got 106 signatures now, but I know we can get more. So, sign the petition, and lets hope that Matrox realizes that Windows isn't the only operating system out there.

Please support us! Thanks!

PbO 12-06-2003 04:09 AM

As a former Mystique and G200 (with add on RAM and hardware DVD etc.) owner, I wish you luck. Driver petitions never helped those of us running OS/2 back when Matrox supposedly supported OS/2. In my experience, Matrox has never really cared about anything after the first initial sale.

This might explain why I moved on Nvidia and now ATI videocards... :)

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