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buldir 04-22-2004 05:49 AM

mapping Logitech mouse thumb button to double-click
I've read up on imwheel and editing the XFree configuration file, but still have not found what I'm looking for (or maybe I read too fast). Most people have successfully mapped side mouse buttons for "back" and "forward" in their web browser. Has anyone set up a 4 button mouse and mapped the thumb button for double-click? Thanks.

wont 11-11-2004 02:15 PM

I actually managed to get imwheel to support a double-click mapping to one of my extra buttons. To do this, though, you need to be sure your X server supports the keypad mouse. To find out if it does, press Control-Shift-NumLock. Then press one of the keypad numbers to see if the mouse moves on the screen. If it does, you can create a mapping in imwheelrc to support the double-click button on the keypad (+). Turn off the keypad mouse first, though, by pressing Control-Shift-NumLock again.

In your imwheelrc file, you will want to add the following line (suitably modified for your preferred button, of course):


None, Right, Control_L|Shift_L|Pointer_EnableKeys|-Pointer_EnableKeys|-Shift_L|-Control_L|KP_Add|-KP_Add|Control_L|Shift_L|Pointer_EnableKeys
Then, restart imwheel and test to see if it works for you. To get imwheel to work properly, I have to start it with


imwheel -k -b "4567"
Hope this helps,

buldir 11-11-2004 02:53 PM

Thanks wont! Worked like a charm!

tardigrade 12-04-2004 10:11 PM

could you elaborate on the code
None, Right, Control_L|Shift_L|Pointer_EnableKeys|-Pointer_EnableKeys|-Shift_L|-Control_L|KP_Add|-KP_Add|Control_L|Shift_L|Pointer_EnableKeys

when i put that in and run imwheel i get:
imwheel started (pid=25561)
Unrecognized wheel action in config.
User defined signal 1

im having trouble understanding the sytax for imwheel. what does the None, Right represent?

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