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bruceam 08-02-2014 12:48 PM

Mapping a Server drive (LS421DE) To a Debian Wheezey Subdirectory
I have purchased and installed a Buffalo LinkStation LS421DE for my home network. Once I finally managed to get it installed and configured, the Window's side of the system works just fine. Unfortunately, I use Debian Wheezy, and there are problems. Specifically, I cannot map any of the network drives to any directories on my Debian machine without them connecting as "Read Only". I use the following command to map the drives.


# mount -t cifs //192.168.xx.yy/<dirname> /home/<local account>/<localdir> -o "username=<username>,password=<password>",-rw
This command maps the proper network drive to the proper local drive, but it is always in "Read Only" mode. I have verified that the Read/Write/Execute priviledges for my login on the LS421DE are present. I have verified the ownership of the local directory as belonging to me (as opposed to belonging to 'root'), and I have verified that the UID and the GID for access to my LS421DE's login account is the same as my login on my Debian machine. When I execute a "Mount" command, it returns the following information:


//192.168.xx.yy/<dirname> on /home/<local account>/<localdir> type cifs (rw,relatime,sec=ntlm,unc=\\192.168.xx.yy\<dirname>,username=<username>,uid=0,noforceuid,gid=0,noforcegid,addr=192.168.xx.yy,file_mode=0755,dir_mode=0755,nounix,serverino,rsize=61440,wsize=65536,actimeo=1)
The thing is I know the server (LS421DE) works, as I can borrow a windows machine and map to it with no problems or limitations at all.

So, can anyone tell me how can map a drive on the LS421DE to a directory on my Debian Wheezy machine and have full Read/Write/Execute access to it? What am I doing incorrectly?

Thank you in advance for your time and assistance


ktmdms 08-29-2014 07:17 AM

On my Fedora box I use:

mount -t cifs //192.168.xx.yy/<dirname> /home/<local account>/<localdir> -o username=<username>,password=<password>,rw

Note the loss of the "'s and the - on the rw. Maybe this will do it for you.

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