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moosturdsoed25 02-24-2005 12:43 PM

Mandrake Move USB
Hi. Please help me figure out how to boot mandrake move from a usb key, and then use another usb key partition to save teh mandrake files. I don't want to carry around both the key and mandrake move CD, so I was wondering If I can put a LiveCD distro such as this on a usb key. I have a one gigabyte USB key that is 984mb formatted, and would also like a small FAT32 space for windows files storage (documents, but very very small, such as 50mbs). How can I do this? I initially tried using flash linux, and got to booting gentoo from it. But, when I tried to additionally store windows files, it wouldnt work. I had three partitions:

/dev/sda1 W95 FAT32(~200mb)
/dev/sda2 bootable Linux partition (4mb)
/dev/sda3 Linux files (~700mb)

I can access the FAT32 partition in windows, but I get wingdings on my screen when I boot from it. Any ideas on the "perfect" USB key (Windows documents, Linux booting together)??

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