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Phaethar 10-03-2003 09:37 AM

LSI MegaRAID 320-1 install
Hey all,

I'm having a lot of trouble trying to get this LSI MegaRAID 320-1 SCSI RAID controller to be seen on a fresh install of RedHat 9. LSI claims to have a working RH9 driver, but their driver is not recognized as an update disk. :confused:
I believe the kernel version on the CD is 2.4.20. I know the arrary has been created properly as it shows up if I do a Windows install. I just can't seem to get Linux to recognize the card. So, anyone had any luck or have any suggestions on how to get it to see the card for a new install? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Edit: This may be completely unrelated, but could the most recent hwdata file be of help here? I'm still a total n00b at Linux, but I've seen others mention this file that updates the listing of supported hardware. Is there a way to use this file during a new install, or does it only help once the OS has been installed?

mvturnho 11-11-2003 10:10 AM


I read your message and I have already installed 4 Bull express 5800 systems that have LSI MegaRaid 320-1 adapters with RedHat 9. When I boot from CD I can select additional drivers to load. I select the MegaRaid driver and when this has loaded the installation continues with the graphic interface. I do not use any driver floppy disks!

Hope this helps

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