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digital8doug 11-13-2006 08:57 PM

LongRange WiFi a/b/g; Recommend strongest HiGain Directional antenna. different setup
Desire actual user info; Best current WiFi router (DLink Model . 4x1Gb LAN ports, with a x# dBi removeable antenna) Am aware of Cantenna, & quad pole receiver on old Prime Star dish (**). These receivers may get a good downlink signal but are poor @ or do not uplink!
Looking for an affordable good High Gain Outdoor Directional Antenna (>14dBi) parabolic dish or wire mesh grid that actually works as advertised. Anticipate having to use a pair of antennas, with a 2nd router (x # 1Gb LAN) @ hill location.
23Nov Radiolabs have various Stage Parabolic Dish antennas, claim up to 32 miles when clear, flat L-o-S!
Some ads by Buffalo, D-Link, Hawking, TRENDnet, US Robotics, etc but little/NO mention of the expected unobstructed range actually achieved during testing!
Have any readers tried any of this gear and been satisfied with the results?

23 Nov = Looking at Senao2511, with 40 feet of custom cable, and a GD, G24 or S1 Ext ant from Radiolabs.

Plan to buy a pair of good Gb LAN routers. WiFi access point w/ reverse SMA connector to install at friend's house. Need a good signal ~1400 yards away, up hill ~105', but have some trees in the way (=Not clear line of sight).
If only omni-dir router avail, we hope to make a removable antenna directional by method similar to used for quad pole receiver (**) car mount out west. (Copper sheet).
Or should we mount broadcast/receive antenna in/on an older satellite dish?

Broadband router point to broadcast antenna ~100feet, Remote (**) antenna on hill to 2nd house ~225feet of cable anticipated (currently no electric) where (**) mounted.
Will Cat 5 cables work OK or is Cat 6 really better suited for >100ft?

Is this possible? Average WiFi @ new egg 1-2 dBi (of 430 units displayed), some (few) 5-7 dbi. D-Link & Hawking units claim 14 dBi, TRENDnet 24dBi
Desire to use WiFi from Laptop to also have a few Desk Top systems networked via a RJ-45 Gb LAN?

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