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dezza 11-29-2004 01:21 PM

Logitech USB Headset 30 (or another USB headset)
Hello dear members :) ..

If anyone of you out there have got your Logitech USB Headset 30 to work, or any other USB headset, would you please tell me how? I have tried to do this for months, and i haven't had success with it yet, i've tried to just use it for music in xmms by changing the device to 1,0 instead of 0,0 and the times i've tried it it works or it scratches a little or stops every 5th second or everytime i do small things such as opening a light program like gedit.

I haven't managed yet to make the headset replace the speakers or just to make it work in games like Enemy-Territory, UT2004 or others ..

Please help if you have an idea, solution or have the same problem as me ..

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