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1kyle 03-07-2004 05:14 PM

Logitech Optical Wireless wheel usb mouse
Had a real funny problem with this device --- On my Desktop it was connected via the PS/2 connection with a USB adapter -- no probs mouse wheel worked perfectly.

Mouse is connected to /dev/aux

On my laptop I only have USB connections so I plugged the mouse into the USB port. No probs but the wheel wouldn't scroll

Grrhhhhhhhhh Grhhhh :D :D :D but not a showstopper -- it's nice having the wheel to scroll however.

So I thougt It's the SAME xxdaxn mouse and system (SUSE 9) so I though OK I'll poodlefake the USB connection -- I've got a USB to PS2 plug -- the reverse of the normal connections i.e the USB goes into the computer and it has 2 female PS/2 connections where you can connect a normal PS2 keyboard and mouse.

I then plugged the reverse connector i.e the male PS/2 connector into this and attached my mouse to the female USB connector

so from the laptop -- USB ===>PS2===>USB===>Mouse.

The system immediately detected 'Found New Hardware -- USB - PS/2 connector.

this installed -- set the mouse via YAST to Logitech wheel mouse

It then froze on test -- but I could still use the pad on the keyboard so I unplugged the spaghetti at the back of the laptop and just inserted the standard usb cable for the mouse receiver and re-booted.

Guess what -- The Scroll is NOW WORKING.

Don't know why -- "But the Lord Works in Mysterious ways' and it IS still SUNDAY.

There must be some extra code in the AUX port that enables the scroll which stays even when you re-set the mouse back to USB again.

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