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MitchD 07-30-2006 06:35 AM

Loading LSI/Dell PERC SAS driver under Openfiler (CentOS)
Okay, I admit it - I've fallen in love with the Openfiler 2.0B2 NAS distro (CentOS based). It works beautifully on a couple of test boxes. I've now attempted to load and test it on a more serious platform - Dell PE 2950 w/PERC 5 SAS RAID adapter.

Unfortunately, there is no native support for the PERC card (LSISAS1680 based) in Openfiler. No fear (I tell myself), LSI provides a generic 2.6 kernel driver, and Dell has a Redhat driver available.

Made driver diskettes from both (one .dd & one .img), but after "linux dd", Openfiler insists the LSI provided drivers don't match the hardware, and the Dell drivers are not objected to, but do not actually load. Thus - the O/S installation fails ;(

I'm certain that there is nothing fundamentally incompatible with these pieces - I've found a couple of vague references from people on the web who say they've succeeded, *and* I am able to load vanilla CentOS 4.3 (with it's native Megaraid SAS driver) on this box. But Openfiler is what I really want.

Can anyone give me an idea how to accomplish this?

BTW - yes, I am a professional Windoze admin (don't throw stones), so recompiling (if it's possible) / RPM integration is likely beyond my current skill level...

With great respect,

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