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JaXXXke 11-18-2012 07:27 AM

Live CDs and wireless card
Hi people!

So my laptop's hard drive is broken, I can't boot Windows 7 or Ubuntu. I downloaded a bunch of light linux distros and booted them, they all seem to work, but so far, every one of theme was incompatible with my wireless card(built-in Atheros card). I tried to install those little modules and I tried them all, yet no luck.

The "funny" part here is that I have the exact same thing on my netbook(just wanted to test with a working computer). It has Broadcom integrated card, and none of the wifi modules worked on this one either.

So why is that? The thing is I can't install the distro on the HDD, because it's corrupted. I can't honestly afford a new disk since I need a huge one which cost hundreds of euros.

All help is appreciated! I'm not a complete noob on Linux but not an experienced user either. Hope this is the right forum...


camorri 11-18-2012 08:14 AM


Atheros card
Which one? Most of them will work with the ath9k module. Open a konsole, run the command '/sbin/lspci' ( without the quotes ) and cut and paste the results for the wireless card.

Broadcom card are a little more difficult to get working. You generally need the firmware for the card. There is a tool to extract it from the windoze driver. You install the firmware, and modeprobe the correct driver. I have never done that on a live distro. You would have to read the doc for the distro.

Either card has to be configured to work with what ever wireless access point you want to connect to. ( You have to config it in windoze too. )

jefro 11-18-2012 12:17 PM

Do you have access to a wired connection? If so and you still need drivers or such after trying camorri's advice then download to live environment.

It would be easy to create a live usb of your favorite right now too. Compact flash or other memory card if you have it might work also.

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