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rykel 05-08-2005 12:10 AM

Linux driver for Canon PIXMA iP3000
Hi there,

I have searched for months for the Linux driver for my Canon PIXMA iP3000 printer, but no luck.

Turboprint is too costly for students in my country. The "try-before-you-buy" keyfile found on the internet does not remove the logo.

The FTP website for Canon Japan had a RPM for PIXUS iP3100, possibly the Japanese version of my printer, but the site is down.

Is there anyone in Linux world who knows where I can find a proper driver?

Alternatively, do you know which is the closest engine to the model, so that I can use that driver temporarily first, until Mr Canon decides to release official drivers? (I need both text and photo printing)

Thank you for helping!!

Best Regards,


mrGenixus 05-08-2005 02:39 AM <- says 0 linux support <- says 0 linux support

I suggest you use a differnt printer, HP pritners almost all wrk with linux...

rykel 05-08-2005 07:36 AM

It is not so much a matter of brand for me, but I bought the PIXMA iP3000 because I needed to print directly onto CDs for my projects.

I would have given Canon a miss if not for the fact that this PIXMA model does what I want it to do, and with the types of features I like. (such as duplex and frontloading tray)

mrGenixus 05-08-2005 02:21 PM

I suggest you use windows, or find a linux-compatible printer first. there is an HCL on this site. I realize HP doesn't have support for printing on CD's but for some reason, almost every printer I've ever seen that can, is a windows-only printer, had you though about aybe getting some labels?

rykel 05-08-2005 05:03 PM

Precisely what I am doing right now - going back and forth between windows and linux, just to do some printing and photo-editing using picasa (which i am hopeful will become native to linux soon!)...

To be more accurate, there is the Epson R210 which is supported in Linux, but which also has CD-printing. Turboprint does have a CD-print option for my PIXMA iP3000 printer, and I know that Canon Japan now does have Linux drivers for their PIXUS range, which is the Japanese equivalent to the international PIXMA.

Take a look here if you ever need the drivers:

Labels are not possible, because I need to create professional looking CDs... I have the labels, though.

Best Regards,


picobyte 07-04-2005 10:17 AM

Well I would advise not to buy any canon printers for linux after reading this document:
But I was able to install my ip3000 using the canon bjc 7000 driver.
It seems to print ok, even in color.
an alternative also is using turboprint, late versions support the ip3000 but that will cost you.

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