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Bad_Bob 06-23-2004 09:26 PM

Linksys 802.11b Wireless USB adaptor (ver. 2.6) doesn't work
I'm trying to get my Linksys 802.11b Wireless USB adapter (ver. 2.6) working under Mepis. I tried the drivers linked from the HCL, but they wouldn't compile. I also tried the linux-wlan-ng drivers (apt-get), but when it loaded on start up it say "wlanctl-ng device not found' or something to that effect. How do I get this working? Is there something I'm missing, or better drivers out there?

finegan 06-26-2004 07:58 AM

What's the exact model number of this little bugger? the WUSB 2.6? And which drivers were linked off of the HCL? The atmelwlandriver?



Bad_Bob 06-27-2004 07:06 AM

The model number is WUSB11 ver. 2.6, and yes, the drivers were the atmelwlandriver one.

finegan 06-27-2004 03:50 PM

How did the compile fail? Mepis is knoppix based correct? The atmel drivers are going to need to full kernel source symlinked off of /usr/src/linux in order to compile. Aside from that, its all in the errors, what did you get?



phlyersphan 06-30-2004 08:25 PM

I have the sense that i'm about to have this problem. I'm a former-linux-geek-turned-newbie (haven't touched it in 5 years or so) and will be loading my first distro up tomorrow.... i have that same linksys wireless card and have done a bunch of reading on it.

one thing with the atmel drivers - looks like if you have linux kernel 2.6 you need to patch that first then compile the drivers....

this all from hodge-podge pieces of things i've found all over the net. if anyone has a link to any sort of comprehensive how-to on getting this working, i'd love you forever! (or would just be very appreciative!)

-- shelly

finegan 07-01-2004 10:54 AM

It made it into the kernel with 2.6, I would hope with the USB version of the chiset to:


CONFIG_ATMEL:                                                          x 
  x                                                                        x 
  x A driver 802.11b wireless cards based on the Atmel fast-vnet            x 
  x chips. This driver supports standard Linux wireless extensions.        x 
  x                                                                        x 
  x Many  cards based on this chipset do not have flash memory              x 
  x and need their firmware loaded at start-up. If yours is                x 
  x one of these, you will need to provide a firmware image                x 
  x to be loaded into the card by the driver. The Atmel                    x 
  x firmware package can be downloaded from                                x 

As far as I remember the Linksys 2.6 didn't have external firmware, but it might due to check the page for that fact.



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