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Tuttle 01-28-2005 07:12 PM

lilo -T video "Enable Screen Refresh bug is present."
Here is the full output:

tuttle@shangrila:/$ sudo /sbin/lilo -T video

VGA/VESA adapter:

    640x350x16    mode 0x0010
    640x480x16    mode 0x0012

    320x200x256  mode 0x0013
    640x480x256  mode 0x0101
    800x600x256  mode 0x0103

Enable Screen Refresh bug is present.

Is this the bug which is making my screen blank itself at random, for approximately half an hour, after X starts? Anybody got any links for more info?

card is nvidia gf4 mx460

edit: or is it to do with the CTRL+ALT+F* console being corrupted in the modes other than the ones above?

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