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byen 02-16-2005 08:46 AM

really need help - resolution,wireless
Hey fellas,
Im a complete newbie to the world of linux so i hope yu guys understand...
I installed fedora core 3 on my Presario under dual boot with XP. The installation went fine but there are two problems that I need your help on.

1. the screen runs on a low resolution 800X600 and does not go any higher, it also does not recog my laptop screen as lcd..what should i do to get the screen running higher resolutions.
2.I have a HP 54g wireless built in card and it just doest turn on...infact im not sure the penguin knows its there. Ive read somewhere about a software called ndis wrapper but i have no idea about the sintax and how to get through with the tweak.

Help me guys...i really need you all on this one. Thanks for the help.

my laptop specs
Presario 2100 with amd 2600mhz,256ram, radeon igp 320m, HP wlan 54g w450 network adapter running GnoME fed 3 and XP

Diddy 02-16-2005 10:52 AM

really need help - resolution,wireless
Like you I am a newbie who has just about configured a Presario R3000

>1. the screen runs on a low resolution 800X600 and does not go any higher,
Try setting the screen to Compaq - Presario then change the resolution
Mine will not go any higher than 1024 - 768

Run Terminal as root

#rpm -q wireless-tools
you should see something similar to
you will need these installed (should already be installed)

# lspci -vv
you should see something similar to
02:02.0 Network controller: Broadcom Corporation BCM4303 802.11b Wireless LAN Controller
this is the chipset to your wireless device
you will need drivers for.

Ndiswrapper is available here
This I found this most useful
I found the rpm install easiest


byen 02-17-2005 10:35 PM

LCD- low resolution
Hey guys,
Im a newbie to the world of linux so please bear with me....

I installed FC3 on my compaq presario 2100 laptop having a radeon mobility u1 graphic card and Im stuck with the resolution rate of 800X600

I tried doing the following:

Preferences>screen resolution> here i get 4 options
1.640X480 - works
3.anything over like 1024X768 gives me a disfigured screen which overlaps and my pointer is all messed up.

then under system settings the highest resolution is only 800X600 and under hardware when i try to set the monitor to LCD or Compaq th...e ok sign does not activate and it just registers as unknown monitor.

I have no idea wht to du and would really appretiate it if you guys can help me.

finegan 02-18-2005 09:33 AM

This is more or less a double post to:

But there's more information here, so I'm going to merge the two.



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