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alxp 09-21-2004 02:48 AM

Laptop LCD display problems - Unuseable image

After a kindof hard road in getting installed FC2 on my laptop, I'm now able to boot Linux (all my problems untill now only concerned the grub bootloader). Now my next problem is that the display is totally messed, as if I were looking at a crypted TV channel, don't exactly know how to describe it. Furthermore, the bottom and right parts of the image do not fit into the screen, as if there were only the first 800x600 pixels displayed (on a 1024x768 screen), or something like this.

During installation, my screen was not recognized, so I selected Generic LCD Panel 1024x768. I have a Medion laptop, bought on 2003, and I don't have any idea of the manufacturer of my screen. During installation I had to choose the text mode because I had the same problem with the graphical mode (all the OK/Next buttons were not visible, as they are into the bottom right part of the screen). I must also add that when I boot Knoppix live CD for example, I have exactly the same problem. In the help files on the CD, I read something like : the boot option fb1024x768 may resolve some display problems with some laptops. So I have to boot Knoppix with

fb1024x768 knoppix [options...]
in order to have a correct display.

So my question is what is this for, and how can I reproduce it with my normal installation of FC2 ? (untill now I had only Linux on a desktop computer, and when I wanted to use it with my laptop, I used Knoppix, but as I use it more often than I thought, I decided to make a true install in it, but I'm completely newbie in Linux & Laptops...)

Thank you.


ratzoid 10-17-2004 07:50 AM

This is what worked for me it is the only tip I have, and it worked for my knoppix install on the hard drive and for SuSE. As root do:
xf86cfg and put in the proper horz. syn and ver. syn (you have to know these settings) and as a driver pick fbdv from the dropdown list. if it looks better save the settings.

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