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TyrranzzX 12-22-2003 04:22 AM

KVM w/ keyboard not working properly w/ suse 8.1
I have 2 boxes hooked into a 2-port KVM switch and when I boot suse the keyboard light goes off when it says "detecting usb firewire (and something else) devices". It works fine during the grub bootloader, but for some reason the mouse hooked into the KVM will work but the keyboard won't. The Mouse is USB, while the keyboard is a Mini-din 6. Everything works fine switching between both boxes while using windows, so I'm guessing it's some funky driver issue. The KVM is a QVS KVM-102u. The box is running an Abit NF7 for the motherboard and everything works well when I have the keyboard hooked in normally.

As for the kernl and other info, I have no idea how to get that. I think it's 2.4.1. I baught Suse 8.1 pro off of their website awhile ago.

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