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Stewart Champio 09-14-2004 03:02 AM

Kudzu ethx device assignment sequence reversed in RH3EL (along with Scsi adapters)
We've been happily churning through RH2.1AS installs for years now on a variety of equipment but most recently on Dell 2650's with 2x embedded 10/100/1000 Broadcom enet adapters and 2x embedded AIC78xx Scsi hbas. Of course we've also got external PCI buss resident Broadcom NIC's and QLA2340 fibre hba's. When we switched to RH3EL update 3 we discovered that all the NIC ethx ordering AND scsi buss adapter orders were reversed. It appears to be scanning from low numbered scsi busses up now and the embedded devices are typically on a high ordinal PCI buss. We've been painfully hand editing modules.conf to reverse the sda assignment (change qlogic to be scsiadapter99) to remain with the internal scsi drives after preventing their kudzu assignment by pulling the fibre connection, rebuilding initrd and rebooting with the fibre adapter reconnected. A pain but livable.
However I've found no way to force the ethx order back to embeddeds getting eth0 and 1 and PCI getting eth2. Kudzu happily rewrites all the /etc/sysconfig/network-script/ifcfg-ethx files every time we boot. We're stuck with writing a best practices paper sometime soon and telling every installation they have to recable all their networking and fly someone to the remote site to pull fibre cables isn't going to fly. Does anyone know how to pass boot kernel params through so kudzu will revert to his 2.1 device assignment ordering? If not, can anyone point me at some more doc on how kudzu does his ordering and what parameters/config files it can be passed?

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