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jlacroix 10-06-2004 10:52 PM

Kmix/Gnome Volume control issues, XMMS
I don't know how to describe this problem, so please bear with me. All I know is that this is extremely annoying and I've been fighting with the mixers for a month. The OS is Fedora Core 2, the sound card is some sort of creative sound card with two output jacks, for surround.

The problem is with my soundcard, but with the software that controls it. (Does that mean software, or hardware?) Anyway, say I am listening to an MP3. The sound is incredibly unbalanced. Each mixer is pretty much unbalanced.

For example, with my current configuration, with XMMS, the volume control, when I turn the volume down, it makes the sound go on the left speaker only. It just turns down the volume on the right speaker. The sound, it sounds like vocals are on the right speaker only and the left speaker is very quiet. All of the mixers "balance" are set to center, so is the balance knob on my speaker set. (The center).

I have tried all of the sound drivers, each one is bad, each one has problems. With each one, the problems are different, sounds don't sound balanced, with all of them, the vocals are on the right speaker only, and I don't know what I did but one time the vocals were on the left side.

I hate to use Windows as an example, but when I am using it, the sound is perfectly balanced. The vocals sound like they are coming from the center, the left and the right speaker handle the main sound, and the back left/right speakers do the surround, it's perfect.

Any idea why this happens? Also there are so many mixers I don't know what they all do! PCM, Master, Mono, PC Speaker, etc, is there a list of definitions somewhere? Anyway I could just NOT have those options and just have stereo? That way I don't have to play with the mixers an hour a day to try to get it to center, this is getting on my nerves.

Any help would be appreciated I've been trying for a while now. Thanks you guys!

Lenin.Jello 10-07-2004 03:05 AM

i have a creative soundblaster live 5.1 and im running fedora core 2 and everything seems perfect for my surround sound. first of all what did you use to detect the soundcard? i just used system-config-soundcard and thats all i had to do. Maybe you should give it a try, by default fedora does not come with it, do get it just do this;


[root@c002600 /] apt-get install system-config-soundcard
that will auto detect and install the sound card and it literally takes a minute. from there everything should work.. and if not im sorry i dont know what else could work.

also the best mixer would be alsamixer... try that one out and everything is balanced by default and all you really have to worry about is the volume...


[root@c002600 /] apt-get install alsamixer
then to run it type in terminal


[root@c002600 /] alsamixer
it runs within the terminal and its really easy... hopefully that works for you

jlacroix 10-07-2004 10:44 PM

I have alsamixer, its the same thing as Kmix. When I turn up and down the volume, it makes the balance move from left to right. With the sound down, it fades the music all the way to the right.

The soundcard trick might work I will try that later tonight and see what happens.

jlacroix 10-08-2004 12:29 AM

The system config soundcard thing is the same as sndconfig, the driver is the the same as the one currently installed, any other ideas?

The volume controls I am still trying to balance, maybe its just XMMS, is that what you use for this stuff? How can I set everything to default in kmix?

Lenin.Jello 10-08-2004 12:31 AM

hmm yes i use xmms, mplayer also plays music files. im not sure how to set everything to default in kmix.

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