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dudeman41465 09-21-2006 05:47 AM

Keyboard w/ Shortcut Keys
Ok, here's a question. I'm running Fedora Core 5, kernel 2.6.17-1.2174, and Gnome 2.14.3. I recently bought a keyboard with a bunch of shortcut keys at the top of it, and I'd like to map them in Linux. I'm kinda new to Gnome, and not really familiar with it, but I like it better than KDE, seems to run smoother, and I just like it. Anyway, while in KDE before I switched to Gnome I tried mapping the keys and when I pressed one it seemed to get a response because the box would become unighlighted, but no response/keyname would appear. The keyboard also only works via PS2, if I try it in USB it doesn't work, and then when I shut down I get strings and strings of a device communication error, but PS2 isn't a problem for me, I would just like to be able to map my volume control and shortcut keys to commands in Linux, because it's quite handy while playing WoW to be able to crank the volume up and down with my keyboard instead of having to alt-tab out of the game and adjust it there, alt-tab in to see if it's too soft or too loud, etc. It's a Micro Innovations Internet Elite Keyboard Model KB565BL. I just want to know where in Gnome I can map specific key combinations to execute custom commands, and of those commands, what would be the ones for volume up/down, and why the keys wouldn't show up for me earlier.

odcheck 09-21-2006 06:02 AM

xmodmap must be applied. There are some tools around like LinkEA and so on that offer some help.

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