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viky 09-17-2007 10:40 AM

Keyboard Setting on CentOS

In the Time of installation of CentOS, I have setting the keyboard as "Italian"

Now I must change this layout in "U.S." :(

I have tryed to set the keyboard via graphic-interface(gnome), but The layout come back in "Italian" to each re-login

Can I change the keyboard setting permanently?

Thanks :)

phantom_cyph 09-17-2007 11:23 AM

Try this. My compliments on your choice of distro, it wasn't exactly what I needed, but its very stable, secure, and "feels" like a work-horse.

viky 09-18-2007 02:50 AM

I think the same :) Red-Hat is the best distro

Anyway I have tryed the command, but the problem persist:

When I logout to the macchine the keyboard comeback to the foregoing setting...

I think that this is a problem to default setting...
anyway I try to search in the

After I will tell you

Preferences > Keyboard Preferences
To change the default keyboard layout

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