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Misel 02-11-2009 03:31 PM

Kernel Freeze after CPU init
A few days ago I upgraded my system to the following specs:

CPU: Phenom II X4 940
Mainboard: AMD 790GX chipset

(OS is Ubuntu 8.10)

Linux continued working flawlessly after the upgrade. I only had to change some network settings and needed to find a recent "radeonhd" driver for the onboard graphics.

Because the graphics board (Radeon 4870) arrived a bit later I used onboard graphics.

Now that I put in the new graphics board the kernel freezes after it detected the CPU. The last message is that it booted the 4th CPU and the system has a total of 24000 BogoMIPS.

Then nothing, no kernel panic with flashing lights on the keyboard or anything. The only things that work are powering off or the reset switch.

I haven't found any issues like this on the net. And XP works fine even demanding games like GTA4.

Do you have any ideas?

Misel 02-12-2009 02:46 PM

I found the problem but I don't really have a solution. :(

When "Surround View"* is enabled in the BIOS this problem happens. It took me some time finding this out but it's definately reproducable.

* Surround View is the feature when the onboard graphics works parallel to the dedicated graphics board to allow for more screens to be connected. Of course this is the feature why I chose this chip. :rolleyes:

H_TeXMeX_H 02-13-2009 08:00 AM

Is this reproducible with other distros and kernel versions ?

laopaishpe 02-13-2009 09:23 AM

try to boot without the GUI.

There are some tutorials at about using dual displays and so on (using Xinerama I guess)- it does need some configuration and tweaking ...

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