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Lleb_KCir 10-10-2004 07:21 PM

just FYI on new Nvidia driver site

has the newer 6111 drivers vs the 4191 listed in the sticky thread above. might want to update that great thread.

Lleb_KCir 10-10-2004 09:09 PM

ok im rebooting now after attempting to install the 6111 driver set for an Nvidia GeForce2 MX/MX 400 card and wanted to post a few URLs that were extreemly helpful

that was the one that walked me step by step on exactly how to configure my /etc/apt/sources.list, what files to apt-get install, what to do with them once they were downloaded and installed, etc...

very powerful page. hope it helps others trying to install and configure Nvidia drivers on a Debian sarge system.

that is the FAQ from nvidia also helpful

thats were i got the first set of display drivers, but ran into problems when i did not have any kernel sources installed for my card...

98% the way down the bottom explains why changing the init (runlevel) from 3 to 2 or any # between 2-5 is worthless in debian for stopping the X-server from starting...

tells you how to edit this issue and what files/programs to use to edit the run level of programs like xdm (x-server)

so in the end, after a lot of time on google, here, and with some guidance from my LUG, i should have my nvidia 61.11 drivers installed and working properly. god help me if not im so lost if this did not work.

Lleb_KCir 02-24-2005 09:21 PM

an other update for the Nvidia community. when i tried the other links i have above this time around nothing worked properly, but when i grabed directly from Nvidia's site (link above for i386) and followed the directions for the new installer they have it worked perfect. it even detected that i did not have the kernel-headers and downloaded the correct vs, installed them and everything.

in the end the only thing i had to do was edit my XF86Config-4 file with the proper settings from the above link to get the 3D drivers working and the Nvidia logo to show when i startx.

3 cheers for Nvidia on this one.

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