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Cinematography 05-02-2007 05:58 PM

Isolate bad sectors on an ext3 partition?
I think I may have a couple of bad sectors on my hard drive. Sometimes I run into read errors when I burn a DVD or try to copy even though all the permissions are set correctly. And after formatting the partition I still sometimes get the same errors.

Is there a way to find and isolate bad blocks or sectors on an ext3 partition?

Your help would be greatly appreciated.

osor 05-02-2007 06:08 PM

man 8 badblocks

jay73 05-02-2007 06:24 PM

You could reformat using this command:

mke2fs -j -c /dev/hd?

the -c option stands for "check"; it will look for bad spots and make them inaccessible.

There exists also a command which does not reformat but simply checks for bad blocks:

badblocks /dev/hd? number-of-blocks-on-the-device

If it's not the disk, you may have to take a closer look at your RAM. A faulty stick of those is a notorious source of read/write errors.

jludwig 05-02-2007 09:44 PM

The drive might be failing. Check the drive out using smartctl;

[root@localhost ~]#smartctl --all /dev/hda

Cinematography 05-04-2007 03:31 PM

Thank you very much for your help, folks!

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